We make colorful, durable hoola hoops for the kids, teens, and grownups of Pemberton and Browns Mills.

Just 15 minutes of hooping a day can improve your health and reduce stress, but first you need the right hoop! A kids’ hoop from the toy store just won’t do for big kids, teens, or adults. The taller the person, the larger the hoop needs to be in order to stay up and keep spinning.

Flimsy toy hoops quickly collapse into a mess of creased plastic, flaking mylar, and leaking water in the corner of your garage. We craft our hoops from sturdy 100 psi PVC tubing, covered with durable vinyl tape and gaffer’s tape, to help you keep the hoop spinning, not falling!

Our hoops come in four sizes:

Small, for very young children $10.00
Medium, for grade-school children $15.00
Large, for teens and adults $20.00
Adult Fitness Hoop made from larger tubing $25.00

We cheerfully welcome hoop orders from families, scout troops, school classes, summer camps, playgroups, fitness classes, and recreational programs. Send your inquiries to info@hoopingtree.com.

The Hooping Tree of East Lakeshore Drive